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Agent Intro Email

Before the program launches please send this email to your agents so they are aware of the launch.    We are excited to announce a new company wide marketing platform that will generate more business, retain your customers and provide more referrals!  We have partnered with MooveGuru and HomeKeepr to deliver these great services for you. Mover Engage and Mover Connect, sends perfectly timed, move-related, money saving offers, via email to your customers.  The offers include discounts at The Home Depot, Pods, Budget Truck Rental, and many more. These offers will be delivered, from you, directly to your customers, keeping your name and brand in front of your customers long after the move.  The entire process is automated for you. When you have a new transaction that goes under contract the program will begin automatically, doing all the work for you. Mover Connect is a concierge service provided to your home buyers.  Mover Connect specialists perform all the tedious steps to connect utilities and home services.  After just a short call your buyer will have no connections call to worry about Mover Connect does the rest. HomeKeepr is the only platform where homeowners can discover home service pros powered entirely by real referrals from real people – not reviews. They are able to do this by capturing the word-of-mouth recommendations that take place every day between thousands of real estate agents and their clients in virtually every location across the nation. Please mark movers@mooveguru.com as a 'safe sender' in your email so that you can receive all the important communications about the program. To watch a short video about the program click here  MooveGuru Help Center HomeKeepr Help Center INSERT TRAINING DATES INSERT LAUNCH DATE