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What is Energy Choice

In deregulated states clients have the ability to choose their gas and/or power supplier. The main utility providers generally work on variable rates where the rate per unit of measure goes up and down with the market.  We are able to offer a fixed rate which guarantees the cost per unit of measure for a set period of time. This is not a cost savings measure as nobody knows what the price will be in the future and we relay that clearly in the email and when speaking with clients. "A fixed rate plan provides you with stability and peace of mind. A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy. Unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate plan fluctuates monthly and does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate." An example would be the rates skyrocketing in Texas last year with the storms. The average price for electricity in Texas in the winter is about 12 cents per kilowatt-hour, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Texas utility regulators allowed that price to rise to $9 per kilowatt-hour. Anyone on a variable rate received astronomical bills. It was all over the news. Lets say we were talking with a client in Texas last year and they were interested in a fixed rate of 12.5 cents per kilowatt-hour with a supplier other than the utility.  Could that be more than the variable rate at that time and/or could the variable rate go even lower after selecting a fixed rate plan? Sure, in those cases you could have saved a couple bucks here and there by being on the variable rate, but you are protected from unexpected large bills if the cost goes way up. The industry can be shady which it looks like Roger experienced with false promises of savings from a less than reputable provider.