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Why should I use Mover Connect?

  When your clients move they have a lot to deal with. Just the packing, cleaning, and the move itself are stressful enough, but they also have to connect utilities and move all of their home services, too. We can’t do the packing for them, but we can help with setting up their electric, gas, water, garbage, tv, and other home services.   AS SIMPLE AS A PHONE CALL   Most people have to handle changing over home services about once every 7 years. Our team does it every day. It’s not only much easier for your clients, but it’s a huge time savings, too. We cover all the most common home and utility services including gas & electric, garbage & water, tv & internet, and many others. Our team will reach out about 3 weeks before your client’s scheduled move date to set an appointment to review their needs & options. Our average call takes just 15 to 20 minutes, saving your client potentially hours of time. Best of all, it’s totally free to brokerages, agents, and to your clients.   1-800-215-3151